SupaFresh Whole Milk

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SupaFresh Whole Milk

Milk is a an essential source of daily nutritional requirement for all ages. It is a complete food and we  promise to bring the freshness and nutrition to our consumers straight from the farms.

SupaFresh milk is sourced from responsible group of farmers who are committed to produce best quality milk. Our milk is produced and packed fresh every day with less than 10 hours from farm to table. The packaging material used is 7 layered resulting in zero contamination from the external environment after the milk is packed.

Essential vitamins and minerals in SupaFresh milk include:

  • calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • iron to carry oxygen to the body’s cells
  • vitamin A for healthy eye sight
  • vitamins B1 and B2 to help release energy from foods
  • vitamin C to keep skin and gums in good shape.